Our recently built 20,000 square foot Lumber Barn features many of our in-stock items for sale. Our retail bins are stocked with kiln dried Eastern White Pine in different profiles and grades. We stock Eastern White Pine in widths up to 20″ nominal. We also stock our hardwood bins with White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Poplar and some other species as well. Above those, we have our reclaimed millwork bins that feature some 4/4″ blanks in varying species. In our custom display racks, we offer a variety of Reclaimed Slabs for custom projects such as tables and mantles. We also feature some reclaimed timbers, as well as many different units of over-run stock that is generally offered at a discount.

Pine – 13″+ wider

All of our Eastern White Pine is purchased from local Northeastern sawmills. We grade using NELMA standard grading rules and carry grades from standard to select. We offer a variety of lengths up to 16′. Our retail bins are always stocked with a vast selection of widths that go up to 20″, and grades available for you to sort and select based on your specific requirements or preferences.

Please see the attached sheet for Nelma Grading Rules


Wide Pine Board shown here in a knotty grade and wide width.
Wide Pine Board in a Premium Grade
This Historic Paneling is milled from our Wide Pine Boards.
Our Historic Featherboard Collection is made from our Wide Pine Boards.