Our Story

The face of Bingham Lumber has changed but the heart and soul of the company hasn’t. The team consists of family and several employees with 20+ years of experience, integrated from three generations. The team is determined that Bingham Lumber will continue to evolve as the times dictate, never losing sight of Don Bingham’s creed initiated seventy years ago: Quality lumber at a fair price.


From the Beginning

For three generations the Bingham Family has been committed to offering high quality interior and exterior finish products. From our sawmill beginnings back in 1946, Don Bingham Sr. built a foundation on trust and quality. Now in our third generation, Tom Bingham, who has owned and operated the company since 2001, believes in that same philosophy; offering high quality products and exceptional, personalized service.

The little guy in the drivers seat is Tom's father, David, making a delivery.
The little guy in the drivers seat is Tom’s father, David, making a delivery.

Lumber runs thick in the history of the Bingham name. Tom’s great grandfather and great uncle owned a wood turning and custom wood shop and both his grandfathers owned sawmills. The second Bingham generation (Tom’s father, aunt and uncle) moved their mill, Bingham Lumber from Fitchburg, MA to Brookline, NH in 1973. The Mill grew and thrived until 2000 when the tides shifted for the sawmill industry.

For the last fifteen years the face of Bingham Lumber has shifted from its sawmill beginnings to 10,000 SF of space dedicated to a showroom displaying flooring and wall paneling of both old growth and reclaimed materials. Many a day sees designers, architects, contractors and their clients congregating to take advantage of flooring, paneling and ambiance created in the showroom space.

The Rebuild

Late in 2012 Bingham Lumber underwent another dramatic change, although this time not by choice. In late October they experienced a devastating fire in the building that housed the showroom and one of the old kilns. This was a huge blow to not only the business but the family as well. Not being the type of person to give up easily, Tom immediately began plans for a rebuild and was bound and determined to make it bigger and better than it was before.

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Bingham Lumber Today

Three years later Bingham Lumber has rebuilt and is thriving in the new showroom and Lumber Barn. When you walk into the new showroom you are welcomed by the timber frame of an actual barn, rebuilt inside the showroom to help the sales team tell the Reclaimed Story.

For the last 70 years Bingham Lumber has been finishing beautiful homes with their custom pieces. Now in 2016 the rebuild and the expansion of the reclaimed products have brought our story full circle. It is great to imagine that the beautiful wood the family has spent so many years producing, will go on to live another life, as reclaimed items. The team at Bingham Lumber is happy you have chosen to let our family into yours and hopes that our products will help tell your story for generations to come.

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