Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments and Other Reclaimed Wood DIY Projects

Reclaimed Antique Oak Island Top
Reclaimed Oak Island top

Reclaimed wood from old barns, houses, and other structures has become popular for a number of good reasons – it’s a great way to reuse a valuable resource; old wood is often of higher quality than modern, new lumber; and every piece of reclaimed wood has a unique character and look from wear and tear, to name a few.

While reclaimed barnboard, paneling, and flooring are favorites for bigger projects such as antique hardwood floors and accent walls, it’s also ideal for smaller, do-it-yourself projects regardless of your woodworking skill level.

For example, an old, weathered plank makes a perfect farmhouse-style window treatment. Simply select a piece that appeals to you, such as one from our reclaimed wide plank paneling, cut it to fit over your window, screw it into place, and attach evenly-spaced 1¼” vinyl-coated cup hooks to hang a sheer tab curtain. Then tie or drape your curtains to suit your taste and room décor. It’s that easy!

Reclaimed lumber is also perfect for creating rustic shelving; a simple bathroom organizer for towels and toilet paper; food and beverage trays; an earthy, natural bedroom headboard; picture and mirror frames; an outdoorsy planter box for potted plants; and, of course, a wide variety of tables and other furniture for individuals with more woodworking skills. DIY projects utilizing beautiful, reclaimed wood are almost endless.

Here at Bingham Lumber, we specialize in reclaimed wood. Much of it is obtained right here in New England, a region known for its historic buildings and communities and a popular source for reclaimed wood that is harvested from obsolete or antiquated buildings that have outlasted their original uses.

We gently reprocess the wood to clean and condition it for resale, removing any embedded objects and remilling the wood to create consistent dimensions so it’s square and true. We invite you to visit our showroom in Brookline, New Hampshire to see our wide variety of reclaimed lumber and learn more about all the ways you can use it in your home.