Learning New Skills: Woodworking Projects for Kids

There is an upside to having to spend time at home with kids during the current coronavirus pandemic – you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them and help them learn new skills, such as woodworking. There are hundreds of simple, easy-to-do woodworking projects that kids can tackle mostly – if not entirely — by themselves. A few might require an adult to step in and provide some assistance, especially if there is a power tool involved. But for the most part, kids can get the chance to measure and cut wood; hammer, glue, or screw parts together; learn how to use paint or stain; and end up making a useful, even fun product for themselves or someone they love. 

 Here are three kid-friendly woodworking projects that are perfect for a wide range of youngsters:

  1. A Small Bench

Originally designed as a seat for preschoolers and made from oak, this bench can also be made from pine. The top can be attached using pocket screws, but it can also be nailed or screwed in place.

  1. Small, Hold-All Box

This straightforward box with a sliding lid holds pencils, crayons, and markers. Of course, you can change the dimensions to make boxes of different sizes to hold a wide variety of things — kids can easily make it shorter, longer, wider, or taller to hold all sorts of treasures. The box can also be made from different hardwoods – especially useful if you happen to have some scrap wood leftover from other projects.

  1. T-Rex Dinosaur

Made from a single piece of 2×4, this mighty T-Rex is sturdy enough to withstand play. It has moving legs plus a movable jaw with fierce dowel teeth to provide lifelike animation.

These are just three of the dozens and dozens of simple woodworking projects that kids can have fun building and can be found online at websites such as Fine Woodworking and The Saw Guy. Most kids love to make something with their hands and say, “See! Look what I made!” Even if you don’t own a lot of tools, these projects require only the basics, which are a good idea to own anyway for quick home repairs or other simply DIY projects around the home.