Kitchen Dining Expansion

Wide Plank White Pine Flooring in Wide Widths and a Knotty Grade

The timeless beauty of wood and its durability are just two of the qualities that make it the ideal material for expanding and integrating kitchen and dining space in homes of all sizes and architectural styles. House and furniture designers have always used wood in all its splendid grains and textures to decorate and embellish. Today with the push to recycle, designers hunt for flooring, siding, and timbers found in old barns and textile mills and use it to fashion something new from something old.  

One of the most popular interior design styles used to tie kitchens and dining areas together is the old farmhouse style accentuated with natural wood. Done correctly, reclaimed and upcycled wood from true rural settings make attractive and durable additions when creating modern kitchens and eating areas. Fortunately, many current brands of cabinet finishes and other furnishings are offering modern equivalents of antique looks, making it easier to incorporate them into modern construction with minimal maintenance required. 

The kitchen is a wonderful place to introduce the richness that wood brings to a highly-utilized area of the house. Reclaimed and recycled wood inside a house lends an unmistakable country air to a home. Use it to create dramatic backsplashes and dining area wall accents. Antique metal fixtures hanging from a wood beam are reminiscent of an old mill. When the entire wall is paneled in richly-textured, aged wood paneling, it provides the old-timey feel you might see in a log cabin kitchen corner.   

The table, of course, is the centerpiece for most kitchens and dining rooms. Building a custom table from reclaimed wood creates a wonderfully unique piece of heirloom furniture that can be made to fit the expanded space and help tie it together, providing usable space for food preparation and dining. 

Of course, it’s hard to beat the beauty of a well-placed barn rafter that can be used to draw the eye from one area to the other, seamlessly unifying the two spaces. Likewise, wide plank flooring can be put to good use providing a timeless, singular look that offers warm appeal while offering an easy-to-clean surface in this high traffic area. 

At Bingham Lumber, we have the expertise and the lumber products to help you make your kitchen and dining room expansion project a reality. Check out this modern farmhouse kitchen project we were a part of, providing many of the materials used to bring it to life. Bring us your kitchen and dining space expansion ideas and we can help make your project come to life, too!