The Beauty of Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a favorite of interior designers because they are so versatile and add a unique charm to a wide range of architectural designs and interior tastes. From functional sliding access to closets and rooms to non-functional wall décor, a sliding barn door is a great choice for adding visual interest to your home.

Here at Bingham Lumber we construct custom sliding barn doors from reclaimed and classic plank materials, cut, assembled, and finished to your specifications. We are one of the area’s largest suppliers of reclaimed barn siding and other barn and farm building lumber, so we’re able to provide an authenticity and quality to our custom barn doors that is unmatched. Looking for something a little more modern? We also have our Classic Pine Selection for new wood to create a fresher, cleaner look that fits nicely with newly-constructed homes done in a rustic, Americana style.

Sliding barn doors are suitable for a variety of uses. Are you working with a smaller space and looking for some eye-catching wall décor to create a larger impression? A non-functional barn door and rail system installed on a wall using barn door hardware doesn’t have to lead anywhere but gives an impression of another room behind it, creating an attractive aura of mystery.

Another fun use for a sliding barn door is as a cover for a full length chalkboard surface painted on a wall. It’s a great way to attractively cover the often-messy result of kids’ creativity. Let them cover the chalkboard with the colorful output of their imaginations and then, at the end of their drawing session, simply roll the barn door over it to keep it safe and out of view for another day.

An attractive, painted barn door to match or complement your kitchen décor is perfect for hiding a walk-in pantry or other storage space. Its size and dimensions provide plenty of space to access the pantry while an antique wheel-and-rail transport system enables easy open-and-close.

If your home features an open floor plan for flexible space to accommodate different uses and create changeable divided areas, sliding barn doors are an ideal solution for versatile space dividers.

We can help you design a barn door that is not only one of a kind but also a perfect fit in your home. Each door is custom sized, priced, and crafted to your specific request. We invite you to stop by our showroom to see the many options available and get a custom quote.