How to Give Your New House Some Old Home Charm

You have a beautiful, new home, possibly built in recent years, and it has everything you need–a great lawn, fresh lighting, the garage, and new appliances throughout. And yet, at the same time, you find your house lacking the charm and character of an old, cozy home. You may notice it looks plain and much like a lot of the other new houses you’ve seen, and while a house’s charm doesn’t develop overnight, there are plenty of details you can add to help yours become unique.

Add Trim Work
Old homes are filled with details, and one small addition that brings a lot of character is trim work. Take a look at crown molding, for example. You can find it in almost any width, from minimal to extravagant, and immediately the plain walls you once had are a thing of the past.

If you want to take your old-home makeover to another level, you can consider adding wainscotting or door casings. While the skills needed to DIY these projects may vary, with some time, effort, and a little research, they can transform your home.

Built-in Shelving
Built-in bookcases are not only practical by strategically using empty space, they also provide your home with a stately, formal appearance. You can also customize built-ins to your taste by choosing a particular lining and going with either a classic white paint or a deep stain.

Use Natural Materials
Materials like vinyl and laminate are practical and potentially more affordable, but they do add to the cookie-cutter vibe of new houses. Nothing beats the quality, durability, and longevity of wooden materials, and they give your home an older and more rustic feeling. You can also replace the plain cabinets with intricate doors and add antique knobs.

Look at the Staircase
Many houses have multiple levels, which creates an opportunity to customize your stairway. Consider replacing the railing, steps, and other features with more elegant wood and ornamental designs.

Change the Doors
New homes often have plain doors. Much like decorative trim work, replacing plain doors with paneled doors will give your rooms a traditional feel. They provide a little more detail, and they are reminiscent of a classic home.

Use Reclaimed Materials
For any of these projects, it’s ideal to use reclaimed and salvaged wood to really give your new home that quality old look. Reclaimed wood provides a greater level of enrichment by bringing along its own history, with every mark and scratch adding to its story.

Looking to add more character and individuality to your home? Contact us today to see how we can help supply you with the best materials in the region. Whether you are looking for fresh, new materials or carefully crafted, reclaimed wood, we’re excited to help you make your house into your ideal home. Stop by or give us a call today!