Bingham’s Heart and Soul Through the Years

As you can imagine, the lumber industry and the people who work within it have endured an ever-changing world and a significantly expanding market. Through it all, Bingham Lumber has not only endured but has developed into the company we are today. Our success is the result of the care and devotion of our dedicated team and our incredible customers who’ve inspired us with their creativity. Of course, all of this would not be possible without the foundational tenet that our founder, Don Bingham Sr., laid forth at our company’s founding in 1946: To provide quality lumber at a fair price with good, honest service. We’ve never lost sight of his intentions, and we have lived through our greatest experiences because of it. 

At Bingham Lumber, we’re proud to share that while our image has changed and updated over time, our core beliefs and dedication to you have never faltered and remain as resolute as the day we broke ground 75 years ago. Each day since then has been an opportunity to transform your dreams and ideas into beautifully crafted realities that will bring character and natural charm to your home or place of work. 

In 1946, Don Bingham took his intentions into the lumber business, owning and operating a wood shop and sawmill and providing quality care and attention to the needs of his customers. Today, through Don’s great grandson, Tom,  those same intentions thrive and live within what has become the modern, state-of-the-art campus we have now. Our desire to provide resources of the highest quality and our unbounded passion to lead the industry has led to our vast expansion into various services including beautifully reclaimed lumber. Bingham’s heart and soul run deep within a rich history filled with incredible progress, devastating loss, and inspirational rebuilding. To learn more about our history, please click here to see our story. 

Bingham Lumber is home to Tom’s family and a team of individuals that possess over 30 years of experience collaborating with designers, architects, and homeowners. We strive to bring the good, honest service that has provided us the greatest experiences these past 75 years, and if you are in need of quality lumber for your home, your business, or your next project, please feel free to contact us or stop by our shop!