The Benefits of Using Antique Lumber: It’s More Than Just History

Why would you want to use antique lumber in your home or in your next building project? For some folks, they desire to be surrounded by the rich history and stories that only antique lumber can provide. It adds to the atmosphere and overall beauty to their place. For others, they are drawn to the wood’s lasting durability and strength. And for many, the sustainability of our natural world has become the top priority. Regardless of the reason, antique lumber possesses many qualities that will elevate and contribute to your next project in a way that nothing else can. 

What is Antique Lumber?

Antique lumber, also known as “reclaimed wood”, is high-quality wood that has been given new life and purpose. The wood is commonly taken from places like: 

  • Old barns
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Vintage buildings
  • Furniture
  • Casks

Over time, these old structures are removed to make way for newer buildings and items, and when that happens there are loads of wood left behind for lumber companies like ours to hew and bring back to life. Once we have them ready for market, they naturally exhibit their unique charm and share their story with every detail they hold. 


More often these days, we cannot avoid buying mass-produced items. If you want your home or project to truly be original, using antique lumber is 100 percent guaranteed to be unique and be full of the character that mass-produced wood often lacks. With reclaimed wood, no two pieces are alike, each one having lived its own life, developing its own color and bearing a patina that shows the organic and natural beauty of wood. 

While maintaining its originality, antique lumber can enhance and complement any design style. Whether you desire a rustic aesthetic or something that is clean and sophisticated, there is plenty of antique lumber to satisfy your project’s needs. 


Antique lumber is almost always from old-growth trees. “Old growth” refers to trees that have naturally reached their full maturity within an environment that encourages slow growth. Because the trees were able to fully grow and mature, their wood is incredibly hard and strong. Today, you can no longer buy old-growth wood since the forests are now protected, so antique lumber is the only way to get it now. The wood is highly durable and will not warp or be damaged easily, so you can trust the material. 


Using new wood has its benefits, but it is a major contributing factor to deforestation, which severely harms our natural world. This is what makes antique lumber highly desirable in today’s world, when people are making healthier choices for the environment. Reclaimed wood does not pose a threat to the environment. In fact, it helps promote a greener world and helps reduce the amount of waste created. 

 At Bingham Lumber, we strive to provide the highest quality materials and experience so that you may enjoy your project to the fullest. No matter what the project is, antique lumber is a wise decision that provides you with a superior material that possesses character, charm, strength, and sustainability. If you are interested in seeing how antique lumber can elevate your next project, feel free to contact us today!