The Benefits of Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen

Classic Wide Plank Red Oak Flooring with a rough sawn and skip planed finishTraditional hardwood floors are quickly rising in popularity throughout homes around the world, replacing the likes of carpet, vinyl, and tile once and for all. This goes for the kitchen as well. For most homes, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms for a family. Each day, the floors are subject to loads of foot traffic, the occasional spill, and, of course, mealtime messes. When considering what is the best flooring material for the kitchen, more and more homeowners are choosing the quality, durability, and simple cleaning needs of wood flooring.

The Benefits of Wood Flooring

Beyond its natural, traditional aesthetic, hardwood flooring carries with it several benefits that make it the top choice for homeowners. Consider the following:

  • Softer and Warmer Than Other Materials
    Wood flooring is softer and easier on your feet and joints even though it may not seem like it initially. When compared to other materials like tile, the organic matter of wood provides a natural give when stepped upon. Additionally, wood retains warmth while tile loses heat, which makes a considerable difference during the winter months.
  • It’s Easier to Clean
    Contrary to what you might believe, wood flooring is actually easier to clean than most other materials like tile or vinyl. With tile, dust and dirt are easily trapped in the grout lines and can be extremely difficult to fully clean. Even when scrubbing, bits of dirt can be lodged further into the grout. With wood floors, especially those with a sealer, dirt and stains are less likely to stick to the surface.
  • Adds Value to Your Home
    Because wood flooring is such a highly desired feature within homes, having wood flooring will add significant value to yours. If you are considering selling your home in the future, remember that potential homebuyers are seeking out the allure of wood flooring over tile and vinyl.
  • Creates Space and Elegance
    Typically, the kitchen is the space where families come together, so it’s important that the room feels spacious. No one wants to meet in a place that feels uncomfortable and cramped. Because wood floors are laid across the length of the room, they provide the illusion of length, especially when using wider wooden planks.

Of course, wood naturally possesses an inherent warmth and charm that is unmatched by any other material. It creates an inviting atmosphere and adds to the sense of “home” and comfort.

If you’ve been thinking of adding wood flooring into your kitchen, please take the time to contact our team today. At Bingham Lumber, our members have decades of experience transforming our customers’ visions into beautiful features. We’re excited to help you take the next step for your home!