The Process of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed barn beams come in a variety of sizes, shapes and dimensionsAntique wood has a warm history that is filled with a character and beauty from a bygone time. The quality of “old growth” wood is second to none, lasting for generations and adding to its story. The health and well-being of our environment is protected by giving the revitalized wood a new home and a new purpose. We see reclaimed wood more in our everyday lives–in our offices, homes, and restaurants–and most people don’t know what it takes for that material to be given new life. At Bingham Lumber, the reclaimed wood we source goes through quite the journey before finally resting in your home or business.

Where We Find It

The valuable timbers that once supported the mills, barns, factories, and dwellings across our country are being rediscovered each day when those structures are removed for newer buildings. We maintain close nationwide relationships with salvaging specialists, who bring the recycled timbers, boards, and other fibers to our facility in Brookline, NH.

After developing our craft and abilities for over 76 years, we have become an industry leader of reclaiming wood materials, yielding an extremely high amount of usable material from those recycled timbers.

Our Process

Once the materials are here, each piece undergoes the following multi-step process:

  • Inspection and cataloging
  • Part-one sizing and sorting
  • Nail removal
  • Sawing the material on the mill
  • Parallel ripping
  • Surfacing and part-two sizing
  • Milling or moulding
  • Grading, cutting, packaging

Through each step of this process, we strive to maintain the quality, durability, and unique characteristics of each piece. Because the material we work with cannot be recreated or copied, we must handle it with the utmost care. Using patience and skill, we remove each nail by hand so that no part of the wood is damaged. In fact, every step is completed by hand, from sizing and sorting to feeding the planers and moulders, to ensure the best possible grades and finishes are attained.

Bringing It Home

After the reclaimed wood has completed and passed the inspection, restoration, and processing, it is finally ready to continue its life in your home or business. We house various types of wood from different places and times in history, each with its own story that we are happy to tell you, and we provide a wide variety of sizes depending on your own needs. And while the price of reclaimed wood is higher than “virgin wood,” the processing, quality, and timelessness of the old-growth wood is unmatched by anything available in regular markets.

If you’ve been seeking ways to bring warmth, beauty, quality, and durability into your home that cannot simply be recreated anywhere else, please contact us today. Our team of specialists are happy to speak with you about your options and how we can make your ideas become timeless features within your home.