What is Wood Recycling?

You may recycle several different things in your home like cans, bottles, and paper–the usuals. If you were to go around your home, you would actually find a lot more seemingly uncommon materials that are quite valuable at your nearby recycling facility, and wood is definitely one of those materials. Wood recycling is growing in popularity as a way to preserve natural resources and use old lumber in construction and renovation projects instead of cutting down live trees to mill new lumber.

What is it exactly?

With the demand for lumber in today’s market, companies are using innovative ways to acquire the needed resource. Instead of harvesting new lumber from young forests, they seek old buildings and other structures that are no longer being used. They dismantle the buildings, and then they sort and process the wood to ensure quality and usability.

From there, the wood is sold to local companies with wood recycling facilities like Bingham Lumber, where the wood is thoroughly inspected and further processed to remove old hardware like nails and screws. We then saw the wood into usable dimensions, and treat the wood to preserve its natural beauty and overall condition. Finally, we make it available to commercial buyers and DIYers.

Why recycle wood?

There are multiple benefits to recycling wood. First, recycling wood is one of the greatest ways companies are preserving our natural, living environment. With fewer young forests being cut down, they can grow, thrive, and provide a healthier natural world. With the wood already cut and processed, recycled wood also requires much less time, energy, and resources to condition and repurpose the material. This saves companies and homeowners on important costs.

Also, the durability and quality of old-growth wood has been almost completely harvested and is practically no longer available in today’s market, with most available resources consisting of faster-growing, younger, and softer woods like pine. Recycling wood enables old-growth hardwood to reenter the market and be widely available again, so that more people can experience the benefits of old hardwood.

The bottom line

Recycling wood has a wide range of benefits, helping the environment and enabling us as consumers to have more variety in our options. Old-growth wood carries with it a rich history, and every mark and notch it possesses holds a story. Through the years, it will patina and age well, providing your home or business with a warm, unique atmosphere that cannot be replicated, and it will serve you well for years on end.

If you have been searching for quality hardwood, please contact us today. Our specialists are happy to talk with you and learn more about your needs.