How to Sell Reclaimed Wood

Recently, the art of “barn cruising,” or the process of finding, selecting, and determining the value of usable wood in a standing structure has become a real passion of ours, as it leads to incredible, one-of-a-kind lumber and experiences. Each day at Bingham Lumber, we encounter numerous folks with wonderful stories describing their family barn, an old industrial building, or another structure whose time has come to be deconstructed. If you have a similar story with a building that needs to come down, the process of selling the materials is simple, and we can help you.

The Process

Scheduling a visit with us is quick and easy, starting with these steps:

• An email describing the structure, its history, and its location
• Images of the building, including exterior, interior, beams, and boarding
• Time frame in which you would like to see the structure removed
• Indicate if you are looking for Bingham to purchase the wood once the building is down or if you would need our help in coordinating the deconstruction.

Once these basics have been covered, we can plan a visit to your structure and provide an in-person inspection.

What Wood Are We Seeking?

At Bingham Lumber, we have an eye that finds quality in even the most unlikely places. If you are wondering if the lumber in your old structure is of value, chances are that it is. In these old barns and buildings, there rests wood of a distinguished quality that is difficult to find in the modern market. The planks and beams may come from old-growth trees that grew slowly and fully matured, making the timber stronger and more durable than most of the fresh lumber produced today. The quality and demand make this a valuable prospect.

How Can We Help You?

The understanding and appreciation of New England forests run deep in our family’s lineage. Since our founding, Bingham Lumber has practiced the art of “cruising,” whether it is a standing tree or an old barn. We have sought lumber that is best for our customers while honoring the responsibility of preserving our natural world.

If you are in need of deconstructing an old structure, and if you are interested in selling its lumber, contact us today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you get started!