Wide Plank Flooring: A Trend or The Renewed Tradition?

Classic Wide Plank Oak Flooring

When it comes to improving the inside of our home, flooring plays a crucial role in defining the overall look and feel of a space. Among the many wood flooring options available, wide plank flooring has regained popularity in recent years, offering a unique and stylish appeal to many homes. At Bingham Lumber, we’ll dive into the world of wide plank flooring, unearth its history and benefits, and determine whether it’s the latest trend or the renewed tradition for the American home.

A Brief History

Wide plank flooring was the fashion in Early America because the land had a seemingly endless amount of old-growth forests loaded with huge trees. As the country entered the second half of the 19th Century, stock depleted and so did wider flooring planks. Narrow planks then became the standard for American homeowners until recently. With the increase in sustainable harvesting practices, wide plank flooring is returning to American interior design.

The Charm of Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring refers to floorboards that are significantly wider than standard planks. These wide boards typically range from 5 to 12 inches in width, with some going even broader, making them a striking visual element in any room.

One of the primary reasons why wide plank flooring has gained attention is its ability to create an open and spacious feel. With fewer seams and joints, the floor is less stimulating, and it allows for a seamless flow between rooms, making spaces appear more expansive and welcoming. Here are some of the perks of wide plank flooring:

  1. Aesthetics: Wide plank flooring gives a rustic, natural charm that complements different interior styles, from farmhouse to contemporary. Its wide, elegant boards add character and warmth to any room.
  2. Unique Appeal: Choosing wide plank flooring sets your home apart from the standard narrow plank options, providing a sense of exclusivity and individuality.
  3. Enhances Natural Beauty: Wide planks exhibit the natural patterns and grain of the wood more easily than narrow planks, allowing homeowners to admire the raw beauty of the material.
  4. Versatility: It can be installed in various ways, such as herringbone or diagonal patterns, enabling creative expression in interior design.


The Flipside: Narrow Plank Flooring

  1. Elegance: Narrow planks have been used for centuries and continue to maintain a timeless appeal that suits a wide range of architectural styles.
  2. Budget-Friendly: Standard plank flooring is often more cost-effective than wide plank options, making it a practical choice for homeowners on a budget.
  3. Stability: Narrow planks are less prone to expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity, making them a preferred option for certain climates.
  4. Wider Variety: Due to its mass use for several years, narrow flooring materials currently offer a broader range of options, from different wood species to various finishes and stains.

Wide plank flooring undeniably offers a captivating and contemporary allure that has made it a renewed feature in interior design. At the same time, the choice between embracing the return of this feature or sticking with more common flooring options ultimately comes down to your preference, budget, and the overall vision for your home. Whether you choose wide plank or narrow plank, your home’s beauty and charm will be elevated with quality wood flooring.

If you are stuck between a wide plank or narrow plank for your wood flooring, contact us today. Our specialists at Bingham Lumber are excited to help you!