Customizable Wooden Tables: Crafting Elegance for You

In the heart of our Brookline, New Hampshire facility, where three generations of passion meet precision, we take pride in presenting our fully customizable wooden tables. Meticulously crafted in our on-site millwork shop, each piece is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our skilled craftsmen. Our goal is to ensure that your customized furniture not only meets but exceeds your initial expectations. Come take a brief dive into the world of personalized design and discover the possibilities and benefits that can come with your own customizable wooden table.

Historical Roots Meets Artisan Craftsmanship

Much of the wood we use to craft a customized table is sourced from hand-hewn beams reclaimed from old structures like barns, mills, and factories that were replaced by newer buildings. The origins of these beams are ancient, old-growth forests that are now mostly gone from centuries of development.
The creation of these hand-hewn beams is a meticulous process that involves the skilled hands of artisans. Each beam is a testament to the craftsmanship of those who shaped, carved, and sculpted the pieces long ago, imbuing them with a unique character and charm that cannot be found in modern, industrial milling.
While using our own techniques to craft your table, we strive to preserve the character and charm of each piece so that it not only possesses a quality that cannot be found anywhere else but also so that its legacy lives on.

Structural Resilience

Reclaimed, old-growth wood is not only admired for its aesthetic appeal but also for its robust structural qualities. The trees of old-growth forests had centuries to fully mature, binding the fibers in the wood so that its strength is unmatched by anything sourced from modern wood sources. Also, the deliberate shaping in the crafting process can enhance their strength, making them formidable load-bearing surfaces in addition to an elegant furniture piece.

Authenticity and Tradition Meet Modern Adaptation

With your own customized table, we maintain a balance between preserving authenticity and tradition with adapting the material to suit modern elegance and lifestyles. With reclaimed wood can come the charming qualities and subtle irregularities. From old tool marks, there are varying textures on hand-hewn pieces that contribute to their authentic and rustic appearance. These characteristics make each beam a piece of art, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. And, while we highlight the old craftsmanship involved, we are able to make the piece how you envision it.

If you desire to have a table that breaks away from the current mass marketing and assembly and takes you back to a world of craftsmanship and history, contact us today. We are excited to bring your vision into your home. And, if you have an image or a design concept that you would like us to create for you, we can make it happen. We have loads of different items coming in every week, and we are more than happy to accommodate special requests and custom items for you!