Antique Lumber for Rockford, Illinois

Antique Lumber in Rockford, IllinoisAntique lumber is a valuable and environmentally-friendly resource for decorating beautiful homes in all areas, including Rockford, Illinois. In a region known for its historic buildings and communities, New England is a popular source for certain species of antique lumber that are frequently harvested from obsolete or antiquated buildings that have outlasted their intended purpose.

Bingham Lumber is a leading provider of antique lumber for Rockford, Illinois. With years of experience finding and manufacturing the area’s finest antique lumber, Bingham Lumber offers discriminating builders and homeowners a variety of interior and exterior antique lumber products such as barn siding and paneling, hand-hewn and rough-sawn timbers, wide-plank flooring, and an array of eastern white pine products.

Much of the value and attractiveness of antique lumber comes from its unique characteristics – every plank and piece of siding or paneling has its own history and story to tell. Reclaimed antique lumber materials feature one-of-a-kind characteristics such as nail holes, insect markings, weather checking, knot structure, and varied texture.

For Rockford, Illinois, reclaimed antique lumber is popular for many reasons. Some are drawn to the natural character brought out through years of exposure and age, while others are proud to own a piece of history. Others still are more aware of their environmental footprint and are in search of a way to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Reclaimed antique lumber often offers increased strength because much of it is wood that has been harvested from virgin growth timber, which had hundreds of years to grow denser and stronger. Antique lumber, when used as a reclaimed building material for Rockford, Illinois houses, can even help earn credits toward achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project certification.

To learn more about antique lumber for your next Rockford, Illinois project, contact the antique lumber experts at Bingham Lumber.