Barn Board for Toledo, Ohio

Barn board is the term used for much of the lumber reclaimed from old barns, often reconditioned and sold for use in renovation projects and new home construction to provide an older, more authentic country look. If you’re looking for barn board for your next project, Bingham Lumber in Brookline, NH is one of New England’s most respected sources for reclaimed lumber. 

New England and the Atlantic coast has a long farming heritage stretching back over three hundred years. The result is a landscape that has been dotted with beautiful old barns steeped in history and usage that has imbued them with character, charm and unique features. It’s no wonder reclaimed barn side and paneling has grown in popularity recently. 

Toledo, Ohio barn board is popular for many reasons, including: 

  • It’s typically milled from high quality wood not available in modern lumber
  • It’s environmentally-friendly – reusing old lumber recycles a valuable resource
  • It’s unique: barn board is generally weathered and contains slight imperfections that make it attractive 

The age of reclaimed Toledo, Ohio barn board is often related to the depth of furrowing on the surface of the siding — a deeper furrow and thinner boards suggests an older, more weathered plank. Depending on the lighting in a room, older and more furrowed boards can present more surface contrast in a finished application. Because barn board was often originally sawn from a farm’s nearby woodlot, the makeup of species can be varied and unpredictable, although it is often softwood lumber. 

There is nothing available today that compares to the reclaimed barn board for Toledo, Ohio. Many old barns were built over a hundred years ago using virgin timber that no longer exists. Much of this wood has been gently weathered and features unique coloring, interesting knotholes and wear patterns, insect markings, and nail holes that add character and charm to the wood. Properly recycled and processed for modern use, the beauty and functionality of recycled lumber is unmatched.   

At Bingham Lumber our recycled barn board for Toledo, Ohio is sourced from reclaimed structures. Most of our reclaimed barn and recycled wood comes from siding, loft boards, and interior partitions of barns located in the Northeast – from the mid-Atlantic states up through the Ohio Valley to New England. 

If you’d like to know more about our reclaimed and recycled barn board – how and where we source it, how it’s re-milled and processed to restore its condition and prepare it for use in modern construction — contact the reclaimed wood specialists here at Bingham Lumber.

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