Barn Wood Wall for Overland Park, Kansas

Barn Wood Wall for Overland Park, KansasA barn wood wall is a wonderful way to add unique character and visual interest to just about any room in your home. In a bedroom, it can create a great headboard look for a bed and in a living room it can act as a visual anchor to set off a piece of furniture or artwork. It’s important, though, to select the best quality recycled barn board, which the reclaimed lumber specialists here at Bingham Lumber in Brookline, NH can help you do.

Our high quality recycled lumber suitable for a barn wood wall, Overland Park, Kansas is popular with homeowners and contractors because:

  • It’s unique, featuring beautiful weathering and slight imperfections to make each plank special
  • Barn board is typically milled from high quality wood that’s not found in industrially-produced modern lumber
  • Reclaimed barn wood is environmentally-friendly, re-milled from old lumber, which saves wood resources and energy

All of the reclaimed lumber we select for use in a customer’s Overland Park, Kansas barn wood wall comes from documented sources so we can know its history. Many of these old barns were built over a hundred years ago using virgin timber that no longer exists. The wood often has been gently weathered by the summer sun and winter’s dry winds. It features unique coloring, interesting knotholes and wear patterns, insect markings, and nail holes that add character and charm. Properly recycled and processed for modern use, the beauty and functionality of recycled lumber is unmatched.

Here at Bingham Lumber, we take great pride in our reputation as one of the most respected reclaimed lumber dealers in the region. Most of our recycled barn wood that goes into creating a barn wood wall for Overland Park, Kansas comes from siding, loft boards, and interior partitions of barns located in the eastern United States – from the mid-Atlantic states up through the Ohio Valley to New England, where farming and a barn-building tradition runs deep.

If you have a home remodeling or renovation project coming up and are considering incorporating a Overland Park, Kansas barn wood wall into your design plans, contact the reclaimed wood experts here at Bingham Lumber. We’d be happy to show you some of the most beautiful, top-quality wood available.’

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