Customizable Wooden Tables: Crafting Elegance for You

In the heart of our Brookline, New Hampshire facility, where three generations of passion meet precision, we take pride in presenting our fully customizable wooden tables. Meticulously crafted in our on-site millwork shop, each piece is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our skilled craftsmen. Our goal is to ensure that your customized furniture not only meets but exceeds your initial expectations. Come take a brief dive into the world of personalized design and discover the possibilities and benefits that can come with your own customizable wooden table.

Historical Roots Meets Artisan Craftsmanship

Much of the wood we use to craft a customized table is sourced from hand-hewn beams reclaimed from old structures like barns, mills, and factories that were replaced by newer buildings. The origins of these beams are ancient, old-growth forests that are now mostly gone from centuries of development.
The creation of these hand-hewn beams is a meticulous process that involves the skilled hands of artisans. Each beam is a testament to the craftsmanship of those who shaped, carved, and sculpted the pieces long ago, imbuing them with a unique character and charm that cannot be found in modern, industrial milling.
While using our own techniques to craft your table, we strive to preserve the character and charm of each piece so that it not only possesses a quality that cannot be found anywhere else but also so that its legacy lives on.

Structural Resilience

Reclaimed, old-growth wood is not only admired for its aesthetic appeal but also for its robust structural qualities. The trees of old-growth forests had centuries to fully mature, binding the fibers in the wood so that its strength is unmatched by anything sourced from modern wood sources. Also, the deliberate shaping in the crafting process can enhance their strength, making them formidable load-bearing surfaces in addition to an elegant furniture piece.

Authenticity and Tradition Meet Modern Adaptation

With your own customized table, we maintain a balance between preserving authenticity and tradition with adapting the material to suit modern elegance and lifestyles. With reclaimed wood can come the charming qualities and subtle irregularities. From old tool marks, there are varying textures on hand-hewn pieces that contribute to their authentic and rustic appearance. These characteristics make each beam a piece of art, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. And, while we highlight the old craftsmanship involved, we are able to make the piece how you envision it.

If you desire to have a table that breaks away from the current mass marketing and assembly and takes you back to a world of craftsmanship and history, contact us today. We are excited to bring your vision into your home. And, if you have an image or a design concept that you would like us to create for you, we can make it happen. We have loads of different items coming in every week, and we are more than happy to accommodate special requests and custom items for you!

Preserving Tradition: The Bingham Family’s Three Generations of Craftsmanship

A Brief History

Seventy-seven years ago, in 1946, Don Bingham Sr. started an enduring tradition. He founded Bingham Lumber in Fitchburg, MA, building a foundation on two elements that would enable his vision to thrive for decades: trust and quality. And, for three generations, the Bingham Family has been committed to providing high-quality interior and exterior finish products to countless homes, farms, and businesses.

Now, in our current generation, Don’s great-grandson, Tom Bingham, is preserving that tradition by honoring that same philosophy, offering high-quality products and exceptional personalized service that are deeply rooted in trust.

For three quarters of a century, we have been finishing and transforming beautiful homes with custom wide-plank flooring, custom molding, and unique millwork furniture pieces. And with these carefully crafted features comes the exceptional variety of pines or hardwoods, from fresh timber or from the choicest selection of reclaimed, old-growth lumber from around the country.

Through the years, Bingham Lumber has written a story that begins with a simple sawmill and tells of growth, cheerful service, loss, of recovery and of revival. The Bingham Family is proud of our near eighty-year journey in the lumber business and every chapter we’ve written.

A rather fond memory is when we were honored to have been featured on PBS’ This Old House. Norm Abram and the This Old House crew visited and filmed our showroom milling-and-finishing facility in 2008 as we completed the reclaimed interior wood wainscot and barn board for a Weston, MA timber-frame home.

And in 2013, we opened our newly designed and constructed 25,000 square-foot showroom and our beloved Lumber Barn. As always, we love to preserve the American craftsman tradition of beautiful woodwork, and so we honored the showroom with a reconstructed antique barn from Williamsburg, VA that Tom Bingham was personally involved with deconstructing. Beneath the barn are reclaimed flooring inlays as well as hanging display panels, and surrounding the structure are classic wide plank flooring inlays as well as custom and traditional wall sheathing displays. We are particularly fond of this reconstruction, as it possesses features of quality that have transcended time.

Of course, the face of Bingham Lumber has changed over the years, but the heart and soul of the company certainly has not. Our team consists of family and several loyal employees with over thirty years of experience, integrated from three generations whose lifeblood is lumber, millwork, and service. The team is determined to continue the legacy and vision of Don Bingham, and to honor his simple creed from 1946: Quality lumber at a fair price.

Preserving the Tradition

For the last seventy-seven years, Bingham Lumber has been finishing beautiful homes with the determination to preserve the tradition of custom craftsmanship and the life of beautiful wooden pieces reclaimed from a time long past. It brings us joy to know that a piece which served well for many years gets to live another life in your home. Whether we provide you with a unique wide-plank floor, an accent piece made from a wooden relic, or a warm, rustic piece of custom furniture, we are happy you have the tradition live on in your home and hope that our products will help tell your story for generations to come. If you are looking to update your home and wish to install a warm sense of tradition, contact us today. We are excited to help you and your family.

Personalize Your Home: Exploring the World of Custom Furniture

We all have our own preferences and specific tastes when it comes to designing our living spaces. And in the modern world, mass-produced, assemble-yourself furniture can seem like a good enough deal and more convenient, but it often lacks the quality craftsmanship, the personal touch, and the individuality that truly reflects our own personalities and styles.

This is where custom furniture stands out, offering countless possibilities to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly align with your vision and spirit in a way that cannot be recreated by anyone else. At Bingham Lumber, our team has handcrafted thousands of custom furniture pieces that bring individuality and happiness into our clients’ homes. In this article, we will explore the world of custom furniture, its benefits, process, and the ways to infuse personal designs into your home.

Evokes Creativity

Custom furniture encourages you to be creative, and it brings your most cherished design ideas to life. Whether you desire a sleek and modern aesthetic, a rustic and cozy ambiance, or a fusion of different styles, custom furniture allows you to incorporate your unique vision into every aspect of the design. From choosing materials and finishes to determining dimensions, functionality, and color, the possibilities are limitless. Your home should be a reflection of yourself. Custom furniture allows you to express your unique style and preferences by entwining your personality into each piece.

Tailored Design

One of the top advantages of custom furniture is that it can be tailored to fit your specific space requirements. If you have an oddly shaped room, limited square footage, or a desire to maximize storage, custom furniture is designed to optimize your available space. No more awkward gaps, wasted corners, or oddly sized pieces, as every inch of your furniture will be crafted to seamlessly integrate into your room.

Quality and Durability

Another popular reason for handcrafted, custom furniture is its durability, quality, and longevity. Mass-produced furniture is often made with cost-cutting measures in mind, sacrificing quality for affordability and quick profit. In contrast, custom furniture is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Skilled carpenters work closely with you to select high-quality materials, choose design options, and employ advanced techniques to provide you with an investment that you can enjoy, all the while knowing it will be with you and your family for generations.


In an era of increasing concern for the environment, custom furniture offers a more sustainable pathway. By selecting local craftsmen and choosing materials consciously, you can help reduce the harmful effects of mass production and minimize environmental impact. Also, the focus on quality and durability means that your custom furniture is far less likely to end up in landfills, promoting a more sustainable approach to interior design.

Custom furniture is an exciting opportunity for people who seek to create timeless, and personal designs for their families and homes. It is an option that allows us to reflect our style, to be unique, and to pass down items of quality and meaning to our loved ones. If you have been considering a custom piece for your home, contact us today. Our team of specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we are ready to help you!

We Love Our Customers


Over the past few months we’ve received an overwhelming number of pictures from our customers of their home projects. Some are new construction homes, some are small renovations but all of them are impressive and exciting and we wanted to show off their amazing work! Here is a collection of these pictures and some links to the products they used at the bottom of the page.

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Visit From the Guild of NH Woodworkers

Inside the reclaimed timber frame of the barn in our showroom, Tom welcomes the New Hampshire Woodworkers guild to Bingham Lumber
The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers was welcomed by the standing timber frame, rebuilt inside our flooring showroom.

Saturday June 18th we were lucky enough to host the folks from the Guild of NH Woodworkers for their summer field trip. This group is made up of members ranging from professional cabinet makers and craftsmen to passionate armature woodworks.
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