We Buy Wood

In the Bingham family the art of “cruising timber” was taught from generation to generation. The understanding and appreciation of the New England forest is a valued tradition within the Bingham Family. As we are into the third generation, we are still found out in New England’s forest looking for choice timber to yield into high quality plank flooring, as well as the new found art of “barn cruising”. Each morning we come into the office with emails describing an industrial building, family barn, or structure that needs to come down. Cruising a barn or an industrial building is a new found art that we all enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to learn about the building’s history and see virtually untouched fiber harvested from virgin forests?

The process to schedule a visit starts with:

• An email describing the property, history and the location
• Images of the building: exterior, interior, beams, and boarding
• Time frame in which you would like to see the structure removed
• Indicate if you are looking for Bingham to purchase the wood once the building is down or if you would need our help in coordinating the de-construction.

Once the particulars are all identified, we will then schedule a visit with one of our team to inspect in person.
Please fill out the following form or email us all of the applicable information at info@binghamlumber.com to start the process.

We Buy Wood

For people to initiate conversation about selling their reclaimed material to us.