Old Barn Photos

Reclaimed wood can be processed to achieve a variety of looks and purposes depending on where the wood is pulled from and how it is processed. The years of woodworking and sawmill experience have helped us at Bingham Lumber to fully utilize every component pulled from a reclaimed building.

Beams are a component we have been able to utilize to manufacture a variety of products. Our Reclaimed Salvage Annex is full of 430+ beams ready to be used as decorative pieces or mantels. They most commonly include species like pine, oak, and hemlock, but we do occasionally get beams of chestnut, walnut, or hickory. Our Beam Sawn Oak Flooring is also run from the reclaimed oak timbers to create a reclaimed floor that possesses a traditional oak color combined with the tight grain and patina only found in reclaimed lumber.

Exterior paneling is what our sought after Weathered Grey Siding is manufactured from. Because it is exposed to the elements it ends up with a the silver/grey color and a texture only created from years of exposure. While the Weathered Grey tends to be a mix of softwoods, and even some mixed hardwoods like poplar, the oak panels are typically reserved for the manufacture of our South Face Oak Flooring. The exposure produces a range of color variation impossible to imitate with new materials. This is one of our most popular floors for just that reason.

Roof boards contain more character than any other part of the building due to the amount of exposure they receive during the life of the building. Through the years, the roof is replaced and repaired but the underlying roof boards remain, only to receive more nail holes and other characteristic blemishes. Because of this our roof board paneling will vary in thickness and contain broken off pieces of nails, impossible to remove without damaging the overall look. The barn in our showroom makes it easy to see how this product receives it’s unique look.

Interior wall boards are typically a variation of different brown colors. Depending upon the specie and location some of these will be darker, lighter and may even contain some Grey. If these boards are oak, they are generally sorted and used in our North Face Oak Paneling, Kendall Road Flooring, or Culley Street Flooring. Additionally the joist stock and other thicker pieces are sent to the millwork shop, where they are crafted into Reclaimed Tables, Custom Counter Tops or other various Custom Millwork Items.

For more information on how the reclaimed wood becomes a user friendly product, check out the information found on our Reclaimed Story Presentation.