Reclaimed Mantels

Very often we receive truckloads of reclaimed timber.  Most is sorted into stock to be repurposed into flooring, paneling and millwork items.  However, there are some timbers that are too beautiful to manufacture.  These chosen beams are cleaned up, trimmed and on occasion, finished and then put out for sale in our showroom and lumber barn.   Below are some images that our customers have shared with us of their installed mantel pieces, as well as some photo’s from our Showroom and Reclaimed Salvage Annex.  We also make custom classic hardwood and softwood mantels that can be fabricated to fit any custom fireplace.

Some terms that may be helpful when you’re looking for a reclaimed mantel piece.

Live Edge:

This term is used when referring to an edge of wood that has not been cut by a saw blade. This leaves an irregularly shaped edge that is unique to each piece.  We typically sell these in a range of 1 ½”-3” thicknesses in various species. All of our live edge material is reclaimed and makes exceptional mantels or floating shelves.

Hand Hewn:

Hewn is a term you will hear that refers to a texture you will see on the oldest of pieces. This distinct texture was formed by using an Adze and a Slick and in the old days, when many antique New England buildings were built this was the only way to turn a round tree into a square beam. Hewn beams typically contain mortise and tenon joints and fit together to create and stabilize the structure. When people think of a rustic, reclaimed piece this is usually what they are looking for.

Circular Sawn:

Circular saw blades have been used to mass manufacture lumber until relatively recently. The texture left from the circular rotation of the blades is something we also reproduce on some of our classic plank flooring.  Some smaller saw mills still use this method of sawing, but because of the greater waste the material tends to be more expensive than that sawn with a bandsaw. Some of our circular sawn beams also contain mortise and tenon joints as well.


The bandsaw has more recently replaced the circular saw as the most efficient way to manufacture lumber in that it significantly reduces waste. Bandsawn texture appears to be more of a straight line than that of the circular saw marks. The rough face of our shiplap pine features the bandsawn texture, which makes it ideal to fabricate faux beams from.

Thanks to our new Reclaimed Salvage Annex the selection process for our beams and mantels is now completely indoors. As you can see we’ve organized our beam selection and moved it to the “Old Building”. Take your time and enjoy the process without being exposed to the beating sun during the summer months or the bitter wind during the winter!

See you soon! Or Request a Quote for a beam in your dimensions online!