Kitchen Flooring for Sitka, Alaska

Kitchen flooring comes in many materials, colors, and finishes, but nothing quite matches a kitchen floor constructed of reclaimed and recycled wood. Sitka, Alaska kitchen flooring made from hardwood offers a number of benefits, including:

  • It’s easier on your feet because, as an organic material, it has an inherent “give” to it that, while it might not be readily obvious to you, your feet will notice it.
  • Wood is warmer — materials such as tile draws heat away so it feels colder, especially in winter. Wood fibers retain warmth naturally, making it more comfortable.
  • Wood flooring can be easier to clean and maintain than tile or vinyl flooring because grout gets dirty more easily and can trap dirt.
  • Wood flooring can make space look bigger because a natural wood floor is more suitable for continuing from one rom to the next, so you can tie space together and make it look bigger.

The most unique, and some think more attractive, kitchen flooring is made from old lumber recycled from old barns, homes, and other buildings. Antique siding, flooring, and even roofing can be remilled and finished into lustrous, richly-colored, and uniquely-grained flooring to create beautiful, high-quality kitchen flooring for Sitka, Alaska that will complement virtually any home and architectural style.

What makes recycled wood kitchen flooring even more attractive is its environmentally-friendly qualities. Reusing old wood saves trees and forests today while reducing waste and the pollution created by harvesting, transporting, and processing new lumber. Reclaimed and recycled wood is more durable and stable than new lumber because it has thoroughly dried over the years and tends to come from more mature, bigger, and stronger trees.

Here at Bingham Lumber, we stock a wide variety of beautiful, high-quality, recycled wood flooring for every room of your home. We can show you different species, textures, and widths of planking that would be ideal for Sitka, Alaska kitchen flooring in virtually any style and size kitchen.

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