We are fortunate enough to have a custom millwork shop on site at our Brookline, NH facility. Here we can produce custom tables, islands, barn doors, reclaimed wood mantles and many other items. If you have an image or a design concept that you would like us to create for you, please use the Contact Us link and send over your ideas. We have truckloads of different items coming in every week and we are more than happy to accommodate special requests and custom items.

We also have a custom knife shop where we can re-create antique mouldings and mill them out of any domestic softwood or hardwood specie. Pricing varies for this, as each project is different. Please inquire for further details.

Reclaimed Hobby Wood

One of the more enjoyable benefits here at Bingham Lumber is being exposed to all of the unique species and colorings of the reclaimed and sawn wood fiber that we handle.  Many of our reclamation jobs produce small lots of unique species and/or coloring of the species.  Small lot over runs and small quantities of these species are always available and uniquely lend themselves towards the Hobby Wood trade.

Species frequently available are:

  • Reclaimed Chestnut
  • Reclaimed Cherry
  • Reclaimed Walnut
  • Reclaimed Ash
  • Reclaimed Pumpkin Pine
  • Reclaimed Sassafras
  • Reclaimed Beech
  • Reclaimed Poplar
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine
  • Reclaimed Oak

Please inquire about your hobby wood needs and ask about our reasonable pricing on short material and over runs.