Reclaimed Wide Plank flooring is one of the most unique design choices available today. With the natural characteristics such as nail holes, insect markings, weather checking, knot structure and tannins, there is no way to recreate the nature-made attributes. Our Reclaimed Wide Plank flooring is 100% sourced from reclaimed structures and can be FSC® Certified upon request. We strongly believe in producing random width flooring because it offers the most natural look, as well as less waste and a better pricing structure for our customers. However we can do fixed width requests if needed. We offer many different species of reclaimed woods. If you do not see the one you are looking for, please use the Contact Us link. We come across many other reclaimed species that are not in our standard offering and are more than happy to accommodate special requests.

Reclaimed Hickory

Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring

Bingham’s reclaimed Hickory flooring is the hardest North American reclaimed hardwood species that we have to offer.  With its natural density and its hundreds of years of strength and resilience from maintaining antique structures, this species can hold up in the toughest conditions.  With varying color tones from golden blonde to a richer chocolate brown, it still maintains many of the striking characteristics of its newly sawn counterpart.  However, due to the aging process and years of past use, there is weather checking, minimal nail holes and insect markings present.  The coarse texture and rich tones enhance its natural beauty.  Adding an oil finish lets the true colors come alive.


Where our Product Comes From

Reclaimed Hickory is generally sawn from antique beams and sleepers that hold up the structure.  A sleeper beam is hewn flat on the top and tends to be round on the sides, sometimes still containing the bark from when the tree was originally cut down.  Sleep beams are the main support structure of a barn and can be a range of oak, hickory, walnut and other hardwood species. Due to limited availability this product can be hard to come by. Lead times will be longer than usual and will be dependent upon supply of rough stock.

* Please note due to the reclamation process and the natural differences in reclaimed wood, our displays and samples are close representations of a finished product. Each floor is unique and may contain more or less characteristics than represented.  Wood is a natural product and because of this we recommend ordering samples of our products before making your flooring choice.  We will send multiple pieces of each product to give a full representation of the grade and specie.  Together, these pieces represent the grade, specie or product specified.  Please do not reference an individual sample, piece of the sample or image as an accurate representation of the entire grade, specie or product.  Please consult your sales representative with any questions or to request more samples.

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3-5", 4-7", 8"+ available upon request


3/4" is recommended

Square, Micro-beveled or Hand Scraped

Planed Smooth

Tongue and Groove, Square Edge or Shiplap