Reclaimed Barn Siding and paneling has grown in popularity over the recent years. Many are looking for smaller amounts of square footage to complete an accent wall or to wrap around bars, kitchen islands, and other built-ins. Our reclaimed paneling will contain all of the characteristics of reclaimed materials such as nail holes, insect markings, weather checking, knot structure and varied texture. Each of these materials is sourced from reclaimed structures. When placing an order with our sales team you will ensure a good mix of random widths and lengths which adds to the authentic look and feel. If you are more of a DIY type we also encourage you to take a look at what we have available in stock in our Lumber Barn for you to self-select. Either way you will end up with a one-of-a-kind finished product you will be proud to display in your home.

Reclaimed Raked Berkshire

Reclaimed Wide Plank Paneling

Traditionally sourced from barns in the Berkshire region, this antique softwood barn board is a unique paneling option.  The natural face of the board is a rough, circle-sawn texture.  We then custom texture it to add more character and depth.  Doing this creates a contrast between the natural face of the board and the light tones within.  Often, we apply a clear coat protestant or add a stain and dry-brush finish to add another textured layering effect.  This product has been used in many commercial applications all over the Unites States because is gives an uncommon look and feel with its application.


Where our Product Originates

Taken from antique softwood barn siding, roof boards and paneling, the extra weathering of this product gives it a unique texture.  Antique natural face softwood is found in almost every antique structure that we reclaimed.  Each piece can yield a different color and texture and is one of our most sought after options in flooring.


* Please note, due to the reclamation process and the natural differences in reclaimed wood, our displays and samples are close representations of a finished product. Every product is unique and may contain more or less characteristics than represented.  Wood is a natural product and because of this, we recommend ordering samples of our products before making your paneling choice.  We will send multiple pieces of each product to give a full representation of the grade and specie.  Together, these pieces represent the grade, specie or product specified.  Please do not reference an individual sample, piece of the sample or image as an accurate representation of the entire grade, specie or product.  Please consult your sales representative with any questions or to request more samples.

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Custom Raked Texture

Tongue and Groove, Square Edge or Shiplap