Repurposed Wood for Toms River, New Jersey

repurposed woodRepurposed wood is a unique resource here in New England because it is home to countless weathered wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings. Much of this reclaimed wood ends up here at Bingham Lumber in Toms River, New Jersey.

Reclaimed wood is ideal for a number of construction, renovation, and craft projects. In fact, there are many reasons to repurpose antique lumber, starting with the fact that it preserves living natural resources. In fact, there is nothing “greener” since it has already been cut down and processed initially, it takes less work, energy, and materials to recondition and repurpose for new uses. The uses for Toms River, New Jersey repurposed wood are almost endless once it’s been properly processed and prepped for a new life.

Some of the uses repurposed wood is ideal for:

  • Bedroom headboards
  • Coffee, kitchen, and dining tables
  • Picture frames
  • Accent walls
  • Paneling
  • Architectural accents

Reconditioned lumber that has been reclaimed from old house, factories, and farm buildings can be processed into repurposed wood for Toms River, New Jersey that has an incredible strength unavailable in today’s commercial forestry products. The sturdy wood fibers in repurposed wood, slowly dried over the years through exposure, ages into remarkably stable and strong lumber that can add beauty and as well as longevity to a wide range of construction and remodeling projects.

Toms River, New Jersey repurposed wood lends warmth to any room, but it also infuses a space with a sense of history and charm that new materials lack. You may be surprised at all the places you can repurpose reclaimed wood from decades or even centuries ago into your home.

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