Things to Consider

When choosing a floor for your home or business, there are many items to consider.  Species of wood, grade, width and texture are all major items that can affect the final overall look.  Another important item is whether you would like to choose a custom “by-hand” prefinished floor or an unfinished floor that is then finished on-site.  There are benefits and drawbacks to both options.  Please view our PDF Link to see our comparisons for Prefinished vs. Unfinished.

Another item to consider is your timetable.  There are some items that we stock in abundance and others that are custom made-to-order items.  Timing can also depend on whether you order a prefinished or an unfinished product from us.  Please view our Time Table Guidelines PDF for more information.

Bingham Lumber has the capabilities to ship your order all over the country. We can either deliver material with one of our own trucks, or depending on the distance, would then resort to using an LTL freight line. Bingham will not ship material overseas unless arranged by the customer or another company.  There are many factors that determine the shipping requirements.  Please view our Delivery Expectations PDF to get an idea of our shipping guidelines and some facts about LTL freight shipping.