Salvaged Wood for Auburn, Maine

Salvaged WoodSalvaged wood has become a highly sought-after commodity these days as the pandemic has ramped up home building and renovation projects across the country. Homeowners have become increasingly interested in making their homes sanctuaries, using materials such as reclaimed planking and siding to create a timeless beauty and tranquility that comes from incorporating old things with new ones. Fortunately, Bingham Lumber in Brookline, NH is one of the area’s leading suppliers of salvaged and reclaimed wood.

Salvaged wood is prized for its unique character and qualities, including:

  • It’s older, more stable, and durable
  • Lengths and widths not available in modern lumber
  • Wear and tear from prior use give it a unique patina and texture
  • Nail holes, insect tracks, and interesting knotholes provide character and charm

New England is the home of countless old wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings that are all sources of beautiful salvaged wood for Auburn, Maine and elsewhere throughout the region. All of our sources are traced and documented to ensure that the salvaged wood you buy from us is legally and sustainably obtained.

Much of the Auburn, Maine salvaged wood we purchase is old hardwood that is no longer available and has been replaced in the construction industry by faster growing softwoods. Reconditioned lumber processed from salvaged wood has an incredible strength that is simply unavailable in today’s commercial forestry products. The sturdy wood fibers in high-quality reclaimed wood, slowly dried over the years through exposure, ages into remarkably stable and strong lumber that can add beauty and as well as longevity to a wide range of construction, renovation, and remodeling projects.

Auburn, Maine salvaged wood is ideal for a number of construction and renovation projects. In fact, there are many reasons to use our reclaimed and reconditioned lumber, starting with the fact that it preserves living natural resources. In fact, there is nothing “greener” than reclaimed wood – since it has already been cut down and processed initially, it takes less work, energy, and materials to recondition and repurpose it for new uses.

If you’d like to learn more about our top-quality salvaged wood for Auburn, Maine, contact us today. We’ll be happy to talk to you about how we source and reprocess our reclaimed lumber to modern standards so that it’s ready for your next project.

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