Our History

Tom Bingham had the experience of seven lumbermen behind him when he purchased the family business in 2001. His great grandfather and great uncle owned a wood turning and custom wood shop and both his grandfathers owned sawmills. The second Bingham generation (Tom’s father, aunt and uncle) moved their mill, Bingham Lumber, from Fitchburg Ma to Brookline NH in 1973. The mill grew and thrived until 2000 when the tides shifted for the sawmill industry in NH.

The face of Bingham Lumber has changed over the last ten years. We have a newly constructed 25,000 sqft showroom and heated retail lumber barn, while other mill buildings now feature specialized equipment for manufacturing recycled wood products. We also have a newly designed millwork shop, allowing us to create custom furniture pieces and other millwork components.  The showroom depicts flooring, period wall sheathing and moulding in antique and classic pine and hardwoods. Tom has been certified by the AIA to give seminars on reclaimed wood. Many a day sees designers, architects, contractors and their clients and homeowners taking a tour, learning and experiencing firsthand the vast selection of antique and classic woods available in this increasingly desirable market.  Over the years we have partnered with some national companies that deal in natural surfaces from all over the world. These collaborations have won several design awards for original textured and sculpted wood wall sheathing.

The face of Bingham Lumber has changed but the heart and soul of the company hasn’t. The team consists of family and several employees with 30+ years of experience, integrated from two generations. The team is determined that Bingham Lumber will continue to evolve as the times dictate, never losing sight of Don Bingham’s creed initiated sixty four years ago: Quality lumber at a fair price with good honest service.

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