Reclaimed Story

The story of Antique wood is steeped in history and tradition.  Reclaimed timbers that once supported textile mills, barns, distilleries and rural dwellings are recreated by skilled craftsman.  These very same timbers appear in today’s home design to witness the celebrations of our families’ daily lives, adding another chapter to the story.

Bingham Lumber Company works with salvage professionals throughout the United States.  Our relationship with these companies allows us to reclaim all of the wood components that went into originally building these structures,  out of buildings that would otherwise be lost.  These recycled timbers, boards, joists and other wood fiber are brought directly to our Brookline, NH facility, where they are inspected and cataloged, keeping the past history in tact.  The reclaimed wood is then processed into usable interior finishing components, allowing the original textures and natural character to live another life in a new home.

The reclamation of timbers and wood materials has proven valuable in today’s market, where growing emphasis is on utilizing a green product.  These venerable materials have found their home as decorated timbers, resized beams and mantels, flooring, fine furniture, cabinets, wall paneling and specialty millwork.

Bingham Lumbers’ years as a working sawmill and the Yankee guidance passed down through three generations has given us the knowledge of gaining the best yield from the board.  Nothing is “left on the ground”.  Some of our most beautiful moulding have come from the byproduct of plank flooring!

Visit our newly designed Showroom and see the process first hand.  Speak with one of our sales professionals and make the reclaimed story a part of your building process.

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