Wide Plank Flooring for Bellevue, Nebraska

image of wide plank flooringWide plank flooring, generally speaking, is any flooring lumber wider than three inches. But at Bingham Lumber, wide plank flooring for Bellevue, Nebraska is so much more. Our New England-based company provides wide plank flooring of the highest quality available anywhere.

With random lengths and widths in a variety of woods such as ash, hickory, cherry, maple, white pine, red oak, walnut and more, our wide plank flooring provides a more interesting, natural look created by the random sizes. Our wide plank flooring, used often for Bellevue, Nebraska homes, is not only beautiful, but durable as well because we hand select all our woods and flooring – we’ll even custom mill other species if we don’t have what you want in stock.

Why should you choose wide plank flooring for Bellevue, Nebraska for your home? Wide plank flooring provides a one-of-a-kind look because the wider widths exposes more wood per plank, revealing more “character” such as knots, grain patterns, even wear patterns if you use older, reclaimed lumber.

Wide plank flooring was a typical feature in old farmhouses and its popularity in modern homes is due to the warmth, coziness and the rustic touch that wide plank flooring provides to Bellevue, Nebraska homes. Wide plank flooring has its own unique look and special aesthetics which are difficult to imitate — wide plank hardwood flooring creates a feeling of craftsmanship, tradition, durability and quality.

Despite the size of the planks, wide plank flooring blends harmoniously in many interior styles and adds to the uniqueness and individuality of the home. When choosing a wide plank floor, you need to take into consideration various details such as type of wood, color, finish, and style, including reclaimed wide plank flooring, which can feature unique characteristics such as old nail holes, weathering, and insect markings.

To learn more about our wide plank flooring for Bellevue, Nebraska contact our flooring specialists who’d be happy to tell you all about it and answer any questions.