Wood Recycling for San Antonio, Texas

Wood Recycling for San Antonio, TexasWood recycling for San Antonio, Texas and elsewhere is growing in popularity as a way to preserve natural resources and use old lumber in construction and renovation projects instead of cutting down live trees to mill new lumber.

The process of wood recycling is relatively straightforward. Old buildings and other wooden structures are carefully dismantled, sorted, and processed to ensure usability. The recycled wood is then sold to lumber mills with wood recycling operations such as Bingham Lumber where it’s carefully inspected and further processed to remove old nails, screws, and other hardware. The wood is then sawn to usable lengths and, in some cases, treated to help preserve, condition, and beautify it. The recycled lumber is then sold to commercial buyers such as general contractors, as well as, to do-it-yourself homeowners.

There are many reasons to take advantage of Bingham Lumber’s San Antonio, Texas, wood recycling, especially because it preserves living natural resources. Many architectural and construction firms as well as private homeowners prefer wood recycling because of its “green” properties. Recycled wood has already been cut down and processed initially, so it takes less work, energy, and materials to recondition and repurpose it for new uses.

Wood recycling for San Antonio, Texas keeps older, much harder and more stable wood available in the construction and remodeling marketplace. This is especially important to some contractors and building owners because old hardwood is no longer commercially available for the lumber industry and has been replaced in recent years by faster-growing but softer woods such as pine.

Sturdy wood fibers in recycled wood, slowly dried over the years through exposure, ages into remarkably stable and strong lumber that can add beauty and longevity to a wide range of construction, renovation, and remodeling projects. Reconditioning through the wood recycling process helps preserve the integrity and beauty of that reconditioned old wood.

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