Wood Flooring for Brookline, New Hampshire

It’s hard to beat the benefits of real wood flooring for Brookline, New Hampshire. Hardwood floors have a natural warmth to them that makes them more comfortable than laminate flooring in colder months. Real wood flooring is also more durable and forgiving compared to carpeting which can quickly show wear and stains.

Brookline, New Hampshire wood flooring from Bingham Lumber provides:

  • Lasting beauty
  • Great long-term value
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Better air quality when compared to synthetic carpeting

Wood flooring accentuates any décor, regardless of whether your home is colonial, contemporary, or traditional. Great for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, it looks great in any room in the house. You can even use it in kitchens and bathrooms for a classical appeal – our wood flooring experts can help you choose the right wood for high moisture areas.

Perhaps your home already has wood flooring, but it’s showing a lot of wear and tear, or it’s been covered for years by carpeting or some other flooring. The cost to refinish an existing wood floor is significantly lower than buying and installing new flooring. It’s also beneficial because it gives you the chance to significantly change the look of your home without spending loads of money. Or maybe you just bought a house but don’t like the color of the wood floors — all you have to do is sand the color off and stain them to your liking. It’s easier and much less costly than replacing your flooring.

Here at Bingham Lumber we mill wide plank hardwood flooring in a variety of woods, including ash, hickory, cherry, red and white oak, walnut, maple, long leaf heart pine, and eastern white pine. We’re also happy to custom mill other species as well. To learn more about the quality and benefits of wood flooring for Brookline, New Hampshire, talk to the wood floor experts here at Bingham Lumber.

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